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The Beating Heart:
the pastry

Located on the underground floor of the building, our pastry laboratory is the heart of the high-quality creations that characterise Farmacia Del Cambio and not only the Restaurant and Bar Cavour. Here our pastry chefs work with passion, producing real wonders all day long. We believe that the quality of time and the quality of taste are very important and this is reflected in every dessert created in this laboratory located in the underground that once connected Piazza Carignano to the royal palace.

In the foreground:
seasonality and creativity

Seasonality and creativity are two fundamental elements in our laboratory. Following the seasonality allows us to guarantee authentic and genuine tastes in our desserts. At the same time, the creativity of our pastry chefs is expressed through the continuous search for new combinations of tastes and presentations, ensuring that each creation is unique and surprising for our guests. In this way, we offer an ever-new and exciting experience, which adapts to the different shades of the seasons and the preferences of our customers.

From Tradition
to Innovation

This concept is the cornerstone of our culinary vision. We celebrate the roots of traditional pastry, preserving techniques and flavors passed down through time. Simultaneously, we are constantly driven to explore new taste horizons and avant-garde presentations, guided by the passion and creativity of our pastry chefs. This balance between tradition and innovation allows us to provide our customers with a complete and gratifying culinary experience, an authentic sensory journey through the history and future of high-quality pastry.

From Breakfast
to Aperitif

At Farmacia Del Cambio, we celebrate every moment of the day with taste and refinement. Breakfast is a moment of intimacy, featuring excellent coffee, freshly baked pastries, and delightful treats, along with exclusive cakes crafted by our pastry chefs. We also offer fresh juices and smoothies for a wholesome start to the day. During the aperitif, our exclusive venue in one of Turin’s most charming squares transforms into an oasis of pleasure, with high-quality bistro products taking center stage. This journey through flavors makes Farmacia Del Cambio a truly special place.